Written Testimonials, feedack and comments received from Students  

Dear Rajesh,
Thank you so much for helping me with my studies last year.
Even more importantly you were a big source of encouragement and support when I needed it so thank you !
(SB, June 2013, A2 Maths & Physics)

Dear Rajesh,
just writing to say that S.... got A's for both his physics resits so am very happy. 
Happy new year
JW (SW, Jan 2013, GCSE Physics, Science, Additional Science Nov 2012 resits)

Hi Mr Shah,
Just got Z...'s results for his end of term papers, he gota 7C for non-calculator and a 8C for calculator test. Never expected him to get into the 8's, thank you for your support.
 Mrs C (ZC, July 2012, KS3 Maths)

Just to say Thankyou for your support, Z... feels a lot more confident about his Maths test.
Mrs C (ZC, May 2012)

Hi there Rajesh,
I just came accross your web site today and wonder if you still remember me? You used to tutor me in Maths GCSE and A-Level in 2004-2008. I hope you are well and doing fine. I just thought I would send you a quick hello. I am now living in A.... and working at Ernst & Young as an auditor. A long way from Northwood I know! Keep up your good work and thanks again for everything!
Best Regards,
MAS (Mar 2012)

I particularly liked the tutor being approachable, understandable - explaining the subject well and developing confidence.
Thanks so much - so glad we came across your advert. Definitely worth recommending.
Can't thank you enough!!
Comments by Mother - who is also a teacher. (CN, Feb 2012, 13+ School Entrance Exams)

Hi Rajesh,
C...s physics results in: 93% !!!!! Very proud! Thanks for all your help!
I... (CC, Sept 2011, GCSE Physics - Science Module)

Dear Rajesh,
 I sat with a family who's daughter went to your math and physics class and they were enthusiastic about you and your tuition. C....(10) who goes to the P..... School, loves not only music, but also math, natural sciences and geography, and he would love to join your classes.
What are the details (timing, frequency, costs etc.) for joining?
yours MV (CV, Feb 2011, youngest in group - only 10 years old -  gifted child joined Year 10 Maths!)
There is a fun and friendly environment, yet we learn a lot.  (AP, June 2010, A-level Maths)
 Explanations had helped very well. Very impressed with tuition - learnt a lot - definitely helped in exams.  (KV, June 2010, GCSE Maths)
Made me more confident in the subject I studied.  (RM, June 2010, iGCSE Physics and iGCSE Maths)
Its been fun and extremely helpful, thanks, your help has been much appreciated.  (KP, June 2010, A-level Maths)
Went over all questions thoroughly.  (PP, June 2010, iGCSE Maths)
To Rajesh,
Thank you so much for all the help you gave me towards my Maths A-level.
Before I started with you I was predicted an 'E' but I ended up getting an 'A' overall.
Thank you for helping me get an 'A' in all my core modules and an 'A' overall.
Thanks,   (EB, June 2009, A-level Maths)
Rajesh makes maths very easy. This gives me more confidence when doing maths.  (AS, June 2009, A-level Maths)
Makes Physics more interesting.  (KT, June 2009, A-level Physics)
I felt comfortable enough to ask any question no matter how easy the answer actually was.  (PB, June 2009, A-level Physics)
It was fun at the same time educational.  (AP, June 2009, AS Physics and AS Maths)
Dear Rajesh
I would just like to thank you for all the help you gave me with my maths GCSE. I would never have achieved the A* if you had not helped me and taught me the technique. I am very grateful for all of your help and useful tips for the exam.
Thank you,   (AP, June 2008, iGCSE Maths)
Ability to teach subjects which I thought were difficult in a way that made it easy to understand.  (KT, June 2008, AS Physics)
Good teacher and explains things very well!!!!  (SM, June 2008, iGCSE Maths)
Lessons are made so enjoyable, simple to understand and fun.  (CY, June 2008, iGCSE Maths & Physics)
Hiya Rajesh     Remember me? A little while ago, you helped me out with AS Further Maths for a month or two, with a bit of C4 and Advanced Physics too.

Just to let you know, I got an A in the AS Further Maths, with 95/100 on FP1 .... I also got 100/100 on C4, and a distinction (!) on the Advanced Extension Award Physics!

Many thanks in helping me achieve these grades, especially with FP1 and the Advanced Physics - your help was in fact more than invaluable. I shall attend Queens' College Cambridge to study Natural Sciences in October. ...

My friend, NS, who you helped with Physics, achieved a C - this was a great improvement and allowed him to get into his first choice university, Warwick. He sends his thanks.

Once again, many thanks. You are an extremley good tutor and I very much enjoyed our sessions!
(MP, June 2007, A2 Maths, AS Further Maths, A2 & AEA Physics)
Sensitive response to questions asked .... Appreciate the amount taught during the sessions, thank you  (AN, June 2007, GCSE Physics)
Good easy communication, knowledgeable teacher  (BT, June 2007, GCSE Physics)
Thank you for all your help. I got A* in Maths and A*A* in Double Science.  (LP, July 2006, GCSE Maths & GCSE Physics)
Just to say a huge thank you for helping me to achieve an A in Maths ... I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you again.  (LR, July 2006, GCSE Maths)
My Physics has improved a huge amount .... YR 8 mark - 60%, YR 9 mark - 79%  (SC, July 2006, Y9 Physics)
Logical Tuition is brilliant I'd recommend it to anyone!  (VK, June 2006, A2 Maths)
Your support has been amazing, thank you so much!  (CB, April 2006, A2 Maths)
Dear Rajesh, I would really like to thank you for all the help you have given over the past few weeks.  I now really enjoy Maths and that is down to you.  Thank you! (RS, June 2005, AS Maths)
Rajesh, Thank you so much for all your help. We enjoyed your lessons. Hope our results will be good. (ES, JM & JS, June 2005, AS Maths & GCSE Maths)
Amazing to be taught a years syllabus in 6 hours! Thank you. (TWHM, June 2005, AS Maths - M1)
Very good teacher - makes it enjoyable and understandable. (NS, May 2005, GCSE Maths)
Thank you, your classes have been very helpful. (ES, May 2005, AS Maths)
Very good tutorials, would like to have 1:1 more. (NP, Jan 2005, GCSE Maths & Physics)
The tutor has a good way of explaining the subject. (AC, Dec 2004, AS Maths)
I enjoyed what I thought would be a very boring subject.  I now appreciate the subject more. (DM, June 2004, AS/A2 Physics)
Thank you very much for helping me in Maths and Physics.  I found the Physics paper a bit hard, but hopefully it will be OK. (SC, June 2004, GCSE Maths & Physics)
Thanks for helping me with Maths! (SH, June 2004, GCSE Maths)
Just, thank you very much for all your help! (SK, June 2004, GCSE Physics)
I have made great progress on my knowledge of P1 Maths, thank you. (JJ, June 2004, AS Maths)
Thank you very much for helping me with my GCSE Maths. (MAS, June 2004, GCSE Maths)
Rajesh is a really good teacher. (JJ, April 2004, AS Maths)
The tuition has really helped increase my confidence in Physics and I have picked up lots of helpful exam tips. (AP, February 2004, GCSE Physics)
Helped to build confidence - able to ask questions I was uncomfortable to ask in lessons - without feeling embarassed. (SM, February 2004, AS Maths)

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