Some Improvements Achieved by Tuition Students in Maths & Physics

Expected/Actual Grade
before Tuition
Actual Grade
achieved after Tuition
NW-S, June 2013, A2 Maths
low B
BB, June 2013, A2 Maths
RS, June 2013, A2 Maths
C, C
B, B
BB, June 2013, A2 Maths, A2 Physics
low B
LT, June 2013, AS Maths
TV, June 2013, GCSE Physics
MP, June 2013, GCSE Maths
VP, June 2013, GCSE Physics
SS, June 2012, GCSE Physics
low B
SB, June 2011, GCSE Maths
E C TM, June 2010 - GCSE Maths
E A EB, June 2009 - A-level Maths
Home tutored A BE, June 2009, AS Maths (C1)
Year 10 student - 15 years old!
Home tutored A*, A* CY, June 2009, iGCSE Maths, iGCSE Physics
Year 9 student - 14 years old!
E A EB, June 2008 - AS Maths
C A ER, June 2008 - iGCSE Maths
E B AF, June 2008 - iGCSE Maths
D B MM, June 2008 - iGCSE Maths
E A KP, June 2007 - AS Maths (Mechanics 1)
D A AR, June 2007 - AS Physics
C A MM, June 2007 - GCSE Science (Physics)
D B HO, June 2007, GCSE Maths
D/E (Physics - U) BB HO, June 2007, GCSE Double Science
C A RR, June 2007, GCSE Maths
E A LR, June 2006, GCSE Maths
U B NT, June 2006, GCSE Maths
U BB NT, June 2006, GCSE Science
E C AK, June 2006, GCSE Science
E A RS, June 2005, AS Maths
U B AG, June 2005, GCSE Physics
D A AG, June 2005, GCSE Maths
15% 51% NT, June 2005, GCSE Physics (Year 10)
From bottom of the class to 2nd from top!
D B ES, June 2005, AS Maths
D B JM, June 2005, A2 Maths
C A TWHM, June 2005, AS Maths - M1
Only 6 hours tuition!
30% 92% JH, Sept 2004, 1st Yr University Statistics
C A SC, June 2004, GCSE Maths
C A SC, June 2004, GCSE Physics
C A AP, June 2004, GCSE Physics
E C SH, June 2004, GCSE Maths
A A* MAS, June 2004, GCSE Maths